The Green Leaf Lovers

– Yes!… Yes!… There, there!… Ah!… Ah!… Don’t stop, baby, don’t stop!… –

The full moon was hiding behind the palm trees, accompanied by a starry sky and a warm tropical breeze. The weather could not be more perfect.

A huge king-sized bed, with absolute white sheets that seemed pearled by the ferns’ shadows, was placed in the middle of the jungle, near a tiny stream that run smoothly. From time to time, a cinnamon scent could be perceived, probably originated from a burning incense that was hidden from sight.

Tonya was uncappable of imagining a more aphrodisiac scenery. She had arrived here following a planked road, simply laid on the sand, guided by Andrew’s hand. So many years of hard work, meetings, traffic, yelling, gossiping, smog, insufferable bosses and continuous insomniac nights, had finally been worth it just for this moment. Tonya felt blessed and fortunate, glowing with joy through each pore of her body. Even her skin felt smoother.

Andrew shared complicity looks with her as he held her gently but firmly, like if he never wanted to be away from her. So much time waiting, so much suffering, so much frustration for both, to finally enjoy this moment. There were times when both thought that they were not going to make it, but they persisted, despite being called fools, or what is worst, delusional losers. Nevertheless, they persisted and now they could prove them wrong.

Tonya would have loved to take a selfie and to publish it on Instagram! She could not stop thinking about the possible hashtags: #whenyourloverknowswhatyoulike #heavenonearth #thefirstdayoftherestofourlifes #diefromenvy… well, maybe not that one… there was not need to rub it in their faces, with the photo would have been enough. But, she did not have her cellphone with her, all electronic equipment was banned in this paradise.

– Don’t worry love – told her Andrew – in the glade, they have eco-friendly cameras hidden between the palm trees. Plus, they will also give us a video and you will be able to publish it in your networks… if that is your wish – a naughty smile came along that last phrase.

A couple of red berries mimosas where waiting for them in that glade. The drank from their glasses while Tonya looked around this secret space.

– There’s something that I never told you, honey –, Tonya said these word as she looked down, – I really appreciate you being here with me, instead of being with someone else, or with so many million other alternatives that you had within your reach – her voice went def at the end.

– It couldn’t have been any other way – Andrew reassured her, while his hand removed Tonya’s hairs from her face – You’re the only person with who I want to be, always –.

They kissed each other passionately, with a champagne and raspberry flavored kiss.

They laid in the bed and watched the stars, – I love this place – said Tonya – it is just as I had imagined it –.

– It is perfect –, Andrew turned himself and touched Tonya’s ear softly with his middle finger – like you –, he approached his lips to kiss her chick. Tonya tried to kiss him back, but Andrew avoided her mouth and kept on kissing her entire face. He kissed her eyelids, her eyebrows, her nose, her chin, several spots in her chicks. He kissed her delicately, barely touching her.

His right hand began sliding her suspenders down and uncovering her breast. Tonya remained still, as her hand intertwined with his silky hair, freeing his masculine pheromones and causing her to slide into a velvet trance. Tonya broke all her barriers for the first time in her life, there was no hidden pleasure that she did not tried nor skin cell that did not rub Andrew’s vibrant limb.

She found her climax after the third orgasm and her mind connected briefly with the eternal wisdom of the universe, with Buddha’s peaceful gaze, that observes our useless suffering.

And for the first time she felt complete.

She surrendered over the bed, as her agitated breath snorted, and her mind seemed to wander outside reality, in an opiate trip. She held her temples and closed her eyes, as she tried to regain her balance.

When she opened her eyes, the starry sky was gone. So were the palm trees, the ferns, the stream, the cinnamon scent and the tropical breeze. The bed was no longer absolute pearled white, nor Andrew was Andrew, not any more.

Time was up, and the goal had not been achieved.

– Wasn’t I supposed to be dead by now? – said Tonya, trying to hide her frustration.

– Yes – he said –, but sometimes the system fails and the Leaf’s strict energy saving rules don’t leave us with maneuvering room. I am sorry, our quality commitment is that everything’s happens perfectly, as it used to happen in our grandparents’ time in Disney, but the Leaf is worse than a dictator, thus making this an impossible feast –.

– Are you allowed to say that? – asked Tonya with concern.

– No, but we are all brave when the power goes down and nobody is watching – he was an older man, around fifty years old. Tonya thought that all the actors were twenty something.

– What happens now? – wondered Tonya.

He kept an uncomforting silence; Tonya thought that maybe he had not listened.

– What happens now? – insisted her, shaking his shoulder.

He rubbed his hands and took a deep breath before answering. – Nothing nice, I’m sorry–.

– Nothing nice? – she argued – Are you joking me? I spent my life savings for a memorable ending and that’s the best you guys can come up with! Nothing nice!? – as she got madder, she spluttered saliva as she spoke – I want a refund and an improvement! – her eyes were a little out of orbit – I want a damn upgrade to first class bitches! –.

– As long as the power is down, you may yell all you want, nobody but me can hear you – he had a tired look and was massaging his left shoulder, as if he had injured it from acting.

– You’re part of this company! – she shouted as she pointed him – You must take responsibility for my experience and secured it, so it can be 100% excellent! –.

– That is a slogan that we can no longer fulfill, not since the Leaf restrains our supplies and forces us to increase our retirement rate – he had laid again in that gray bed that appeared to have been robbed from a hospital, – I must sleep a little, before my next performance, if you don’t mind. I strongly suggest you do the same, it will be better if they find you sleeping –.

– If who finds me!? What will be better!? – yelled Tonya, with all the power of her lungs.

– The cleaners. It would be better if the cleaners find you sleeping – he said, almost asleep.

– Cleaners!? What are you talkin’ about!? –, but Tonya did not get another response.

She sat in one corner of the cold room. The walls were from grey polished concrete and the only thing that could be seen was the bed at the middle of the room, poorly enlighten by a small emergency bulb that left everything else in the shadows.

She covered her face with her hands and began to cry. She remembered when she was young and had supported the Green Leaf Movement; it was the sensible thing to do, and what most people sympathize with at that moment. Somebody had to rescue our planet from this plague called humanity, and the Green Leaf had a clear plan about it.

Andrew disagreed. Tonya tried in vain to convince him, but he was so stubborn… stubborn and capitalist, and she was only twenty years old, what else could she have done but to love him and prayed for him to see the light?

That did not happen though, the Green Leaf won the elections and Andrew left the country, never to be seen again. Sometimes she dreamed about finding him again in a faraway beach, and he hugged her and she was happy, and he told her “You were so right and I was so blind, please forgive me my love!” and she forgave him, and they made love right there, just like they did so many years ago, when they both lost their virginities together.

When retirement age came, Tonya knew exactly what she wanted, and her savings were enough to recreate this fantasy. Even though she knew deep inside that Andrew was not really Andrew, and that humans are banned from beaches and jungles, and nature in general; and that exotic resorts disappeared since her parent’s younger days.

Her tears dripped over her naked body, hurt by the lack of sun and outdoor exercising. Her weeping was bitter, like the one from a mother who has just lost his only son, although Tonya and all the women from her generation were sterilized by the Green Leaf and will never know what being a mother really means.

– I can’t do much, but I can hug you until they come – the actor was standing in front of her.

She tried to contain her sorrow as she cleaned her snots with the back of her hand. She agreed, nodding repeatedly. The actor had a nice body temperature that Tonya could now feel for real. She cuddled with him, turning her back against him and hugging his arms over her breast.

For a moment, she felt safe and stopped blaming herself for all her mistakes.

For a moment, she recovered her humanity.




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